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  • Data Science
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  • Network Security
  • Game Technology
Classification of Face Mask using Inception-v3

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2) virus, which can be transmitted directly and indirectly. Therefore, the COVID-19 virus quickly spreads and causes thousands of cases every day, and many people die. The use of masks is significant to prevent indirect transmission. A system is needed to classify masks to optimize the use of masks in the community. This study proposes the Inception-v3 model by adding a fully connected layer...

Monitoring walking devices for calorie balance in patients with medical rehabilitation needs

Walking has many benefits, and one of them is to lose weight. In an effort to lose weight, it needs calorie burning. To find out the calorie burning results required a tool that is Daily Fitness Activity is useful for monitoring calorie burning and weight loss by calculation using a formula that involves the number of footsteps, time, and weight of the user. To get the required number of foot steps a tool is a gyroscope of the MPU6050 sensor. The sensor acts as foot step monitoring because it se...

SDN-Honeypot Integration For DDoS Detection Scheme Using Entropy

Limitations on traditional networks contributed to the development of a new paradigm called Software Defined Network (SDN). The separation of control and data plane provides an advantage as well as a security gap on the SDN network because all controls are centralized on the controller so when the compilation of attacks is directed to the controller, the controller will be overburdened and eventually dropped. One of the attacks that can be used is the DDoS attack - ICMP Flood. ICMP Flood is an a...

Tower Defence

Tower Defense game is a game with the RPG genre that can be played on desktop computers. This game challenges the player to complete a variety of missions that are packed in-game levels. The mission of this game is to block the NPCs from reaching their destination. Users can set strategies in laying towers in the most strategic places and tower management to be stronger. In making this game, support from various parties is needed because of the high complexity and the wide range area. Developmen...

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